He looked at her expectantly, pen ‘tap-tap-tapping’ on the notes in front of him. The room was cold, and she hugged herself tighter as she looked up from her lap and around the room. The walls were covered with the anatomical drawings and charts one would expect in a doctor’s office, as well as colourful posters promoting safe sex and responsible partying. Her gaze lingered on an especially bright sign hanging above the door.

‘This space is a safe space’, it read. Shivering, she wondered why it was she felt anything but.  

The Doctor was still watching her, she knew, and no amount of stalling could save her from the inevitability of the question asked. As she turned to face the man in front of her,  his lips curled into a lazy smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Well ?” he said, sounding almost bored, “How would you do it ?”