NB-2011 212

The cool fall morning is fresh, yet the chill of the air cuts through all my layers.  I close my eyes and breathe deep, willing my mind to still.

I stand in silent meditation, allowing myself to slip out of reality and into a more comfortable frame of thought.

The urban scene dissolves around me, cityscapes melting like sandcastles in the rain.
The roaring of traffic becomes the crashing of waves, the voices of pedestrians the hungry cries of gulls.

I imagine the sea – my heart and one true love, who I’d left behind so long ago.
I imagine her tides and how they hugged the shore, how they’d swallow me up in a tight embrace. I think of her smell, and how it had first seduced me as a child – how I’d return every day, greedy for more.

I lick my lips and can almost taste her, remembering the salt-spray of her kiss.

Oh, my darling, I whisper to the wind, The days without you are so long.

but soon, I’ll return to you. Soon I’ll be home.


{In progress – edits and additions to come. Criticisms welcome. }