I wish I could take my job seriously, really I do.

Here I sit, the model (haha) employee, diligently tap-tapping away trying to get these reports done by 5 pm. I’ve got maybe 15 tabs open (4 of them being course notes, 1 for blogging, 1 is Grooveshark and one more for email, the rest are work related), and nearly 92% of this six-page checklist done. Sure, I’m slacking a little bit, but it’s hard not to in this environment.

The fellow to my right is napping, and the lady to my right is looking at pictures of cats. Somewhere in the room someone’s playing Chewbacca (sp?) sound effects while his teammates erupt in raucous laughter.

Where’s my supervisor in all this ? Well, he’s cut himself off from the world, donning massive headphones and blasting some sort of music from YouTube. He has dual monitors set up, one’s streaming media, the other’s open on Facebook. He looked over at the napping fellow at some point and chuckled to himself.

Am I the only one in here getting (or at least attempting to get) actual work done ?


Ah, another day in the life of a QA tester for mobile applications.
I think I’ll go brew myself some (more) coffee.




(Edit: I’ve just learned that the coffee machine at work has a Latte setting. It is also free. My life just got exponentially better. Thank you, cosmic coffee lords for your generous gift.)