Upcoming is my first major assignment/midterm rush of the semester, in addition to my regular 2-3 lab reports and assorted assignment/quizzes.

I’m definitely feeling the pressure, and won’t lie by saying I’m not overwhelmed – because I am.
I look at all the deadlines, trying to make sense of them, but they just twist themselves into knots; blurring the lines of priority.

It’s a juggling act, and they’ve just lit my pins on fire.

Though, I’m not complaining – I’ve always loved a challenge.

I knew full well that taking on a full course load as well as working part-time would be difficult.
I know that there will be very little respite between now and December.
I also know that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Sometimes my work doesn’t feel like work; I’m having fun doing it.

Maybe that’s one of the keys to finding happiness?
Food for thought.

There’s balance, though – I’m aware of that too, and I’m trying hard not to overdo it.

One day; one task at a time.

I can do this !