Things that Interest Me [a homogeneous mixture of quirks and fancies in no particular order]:

  • Biomedical Nanotechnology
  • String Instruments
  • Cephalopods [octopi, nautili, squid, oh my]
  • Social Involvement
  • Sustainability
  • “Lending a Hand”
  • Horticulture [flowers, medicinal herbs]
  • Gourmet Cuisine; Cake architecture
  • Deep sea exploration
  • Crystallography
  • Creation [In.Every.Single.Form.]
  • Wordsmithing
  • Pathology/Immunology [Biomedical Research]
  • Fine woodworking/sculpting
  • Childcare

This list is not complete, not by any stretch of the imagination.

I like these things, though. I want to do them/will do them/enjoy that they exist. \C’est tout.