Normally new years resolutions are not my cup of tea, but I’ve decided to give it a whirl and see how well I do. The last stretch of 2012 was somewhat rough – It left me with quite a bit to think about.

I have decided that this year will be a year of self-improvement (even more so than previous years – I think that with every passing day I am slowly evolving into the person I want to be but I want to be making more of a concious effort).

Here’s what I have so far (yes, I am aware of how ambitious this is):

  • Eat healthier, more diverse foods (/make time to prepare myself proper vegetarian meals.)
  • Spend more time with my family.
  • Work on active listening as well as honest/open communication with family and friends.
  • Be more aware of my surroundings/people around me. (Consideration, Compassion, Conciousness)
  • Speak up instead of keeping quiet.
  • Put more time/effort into school work and improving GPA
  • Quit my job so I can accomplish the above bullet.
  • Read more books (Goal: 30, So far: 4)
  • Get in shape.
  • Drink less coffee (preferably none, but I’m not going to be too ambitious here)
  • Keep my room clean/organized (this also applies to my school notes)
  • Put time aside for “me-time” (my ‘ABCs’ as I like to call it – Art, Baths, Cooking.)
  • Be concious of speech (minimize profanity, “um, um, like, um, like”, positive wording rather than negative.)
  • Volunteer !
  • Keep my sketchbook/notebook on me. Try for at least one sketch or written line a day.
  • Smile at strangers – hell, even talk to them if they look friendly enough.
  • Leave the city for more than two weeks to do something outdoors-y.
  • See more plays (Aiming for at least 7)
  • Go to the museum instead of thinking about going to the museum (the same goes for slam poetry nights.)